Tim Rumpf

Creative Technologies

Tunisreise - ein animiertes Erlebnis in VR
Die Tunisreise – a VR experience


Three artists took a trip to a foreign country. They captured lasting impressions in their pictures. Documentary, expressionist and partially abstract. Their work marks a mile stone in the history of art of the 20th century. This journey of August Macke, Paul Klee and Louis Moillet in 1914 entered history as „Die Tunisreise“.
Our application is intended to give the user the opportunity to experience this historic event immersively. The user is guided through the different stages of the journey. He does not have to interact, thus can passively experience. We tried to mimic the style of the artists.

Mareike Konz, Tim Rumpf

Die Tunisreise - a VR experience
Die Tunisreise - a VR experience